CPA stands for Cost Per Action (and sometimes it is being referred to as Cost Per Acquisition). RPA stands for Revenue Per Action. As you might have already guessed, this is the backbone of the CPA-based advertising model, where the advertiser determines how much every conversion is worth. In this case, a conversion can be a click, a lead, a sale, and so on and so forth. For example, let’s say that an ad was clicked 500 times and that you were paid $1 for each click (Don’t get too excited, this example isn’t very realistic in the real world it it could definitely happenRead More →

Bid price is the price that an advertiser or other potential buyer is prepared to pay for adult traffic. In other words – media buyers and advertisers determine the maximum amount that they are willing to pay for certain traffic. When it comes down to online marketing, there are a few advertising networks where you get the traffic with the lowest bid prices. Happy bidding and good luck with your conversions!Read More →

As one probably already knows, adult affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. It consists of displaying a product or service to influence web users. In other words, it means that one only gets paid when a visitor completes a desired action like registering on a web site, paying for something and so on. That is what’s called a conversion. The goals desired may vary, but the most common is to convert a web visitor into a paying customer. The entity paying the adult affiliate for each conversion is the provider of an offer also known as the adult sponsor. It is a companyRead More →