A postback is like a trigger set on the offer that sends a message back to the server as soon as an action (usually a conversion) is made. Therefore, you can set postbacks to receive information to your own statistic tool to better measure your advertising results. Good luck!Read More →

Lead scrubbing is the term, which is being attributed to the process of removing non-legitimate leads in Pay Per Lead offers, which most adult affiliate porgrams offer to affiliates. Advertisers, affiliate networks, lead buyers or any other industry, which deals with lead generation or prospective leads and potential consumer interest, set forth criteria to define what constitutes a legitimate lead from a non-legitimate one. So, what generally constitutes a non-legitimate lead? “bogus” entries (e.g., fake email submissions, “[email protected]“ and so on.) inaccurate or falsified info duplicate submissions (based on IP address) fraudulent activity leads generated through Spam and other Terms of Service infringing techniques duplicateRead More →

Geo-targeting is tailored, targeted advertising geared towards, or based upon, the geographic location of your visitors. It’s displaying certain ads or offers based on the country your visitor is from. For example – EroAdvertising allows you to add own ads for each of your advertising spaces, if they aren’t sold, and display those ads instead based on country. A great feature to take advantage of to display geo-targeted advertisements, if they have no advertisements for sale for this location. Happy bidding and good luck!Read More →

A landing page is also known as a pre-lander — is sometimes called a sales page. The landing page is particularly important because it’s the first page your visitor will see after clicking on an advertisement from an adnetwork. The role of this page is in many ways to sell or convince the visitor to do something. If it is useful to them, they will buy it. It is strongly suggested to have this in mind first – the product or service you offer has to be something that would be placed to good use. If you don’t believe that or don’t like what youRead More →