Top 5 Adult Advertising Networks

Top 5 Adult Advertising Networks

Now… You’ve built your website and you wonder how to monetize it on order to get your spendings back and to even make some money? You’re on the right place. Here I will add several adult advertising networks I have had and still do have great experience with:

  • EroAdvertising – amazing adult advertising network with various ad formats – text ads, banner ads, thumb ads, video ads, redirect ads, page peel ads, pop ads, in video ads and interstitial ads for both desktop and mobile. You can be both advertiser and publisher with the same account and if you so chose, you can transfer some or all of your publisher earnings to your advertiser balance and start creating campaigns right away. Support is amazing and always solves problems, if any at all. They have many settings for filtering and targeting traffic for both publishers and advertisers. You can even add own ads and GEO target them and display them if your adspace isn’t sold. Now how cool is that?
  • PlugRush offers various traffic sources for desktop and mobile – clicked plug traffic, blind traffic, banner traffic, pop traffic and even adblock traffic and mobile redirects. You can also sell traffic to them by using these adspaces on your website. They also offer traffic trading. The more you send, the more you get back. It’s a win-win!
  • HornySpots is a very neat adult advertising network offering banner, pop and redirect traffic. I like their minimum CPM option as advertiser. It brings shitloads of traffic to your website in no time!
  • PopCash offers both desktop and mobile pop ads for your website but you can also send your pop traffic to them.
  • PopAds is pretty much very similar to the network mentioned above – mobile and desktop pop traffic for your website – you can also sell it to them.

These are the adult advertising networks I have great experience with and I recommend you stick with them. Feel free to mix to find what best works for you but I suggest that you don’t put more than one pop adspace on your site, if you put any at all. Users may get annoyed and never visit your website again.

Good luck!

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