As one probably already knows, adult affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. It consists of displaying a product or service to influence web users. In other words, it means that one only gets paid when a visitor completes a desired action like registering on a web site, paying for something and so on. That is what’s called a conversion. The goals desired may vary, but the most common is to convert a web visitor into a paying customer. The entity paying the adult affiliate for each conversion is the provider of an offer also known as the adult sponsor. It is a companyRead More →

There are many adult affiliate programs out there, which work in various terms and conditions but I have selected a few I have great experience with. So here’s my list: BongaCash – various promo tools including whitelabels (with the option to add own banners on them for extra income), pays every week, offer comes in 30 languages and has various payment methods, converts are great… What else would you ever want? Chaturbate – the models are cool, there is a whitelabel option with amazing promo tools So, signup and start promoting! Good luck!Read More →

So you’ve built your website, added content, added advertising spaces on it but your traffic is low? I have a solution for you and it is called traffic trading. I can recommend two networks to do this: PlugRush – simply signup, add your website and start adding their widgets as adspaces. The more visitors you send, the more you get back! And from the same GEO location, so don’t expect to send India traffic and get USA traffic, for example. 🙂 TraffDAQ – Just register and add their codes, setup a campaign and watch the traffic counters go crazy with their traffic snowball effect! GoodRead More →

After testing a lot of Cost Per Action networks out there but it seemed to me that only three of them managed to convert well for adult traffic. Here is the short list: Slim Spots – Converts 257 countries for both desktop and mobile. Support is friendly and reliable. They have amazing promo tools including the backoffer tool, where if a visitor wants to go back to the previous site they were in, if not interested in your site, they are being redirected to an offer instead. How cool is that!? Totally recommended. Traffic Company – I recommend this network for mobile traffic, no matterRead More →